Scots Roots

September 25, 2014, 4:56 pm
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In 1843 the villages of Lemreway and Orinsay were cleared to make room for sheep at Park Farm in the district of South Lochs on the Isle of Lewis. The nearby village of Steimreway was not cleared at the time, but became isolated inside the boundaries of the farm.

In 1857 the farm expanded to Steimreway with a further wave of sheep, the crofters being moved to nearby Lemreway. The clearance of the crofters of Steimreway to Lemreway in 1857 was the last forced clearance from the Park Peninsula.

Steimreway was quite a large village. It stands on the shores of Loch Shell, on the east side of Tob Stiomrabhaigh, in a beautiful setting and the remains of many of the houses can still be seen today.

Steimreway 1


Steimreway 2


More photos are available on Flickr – see Clearance Villages.


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