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Dun Troddan
January 8, 2016, 10:38 am
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Dun Troddan 1Dun Troddan 2Dun Troddan is a 2,000 year old Iron Age structure standing in Gleann Beag to the south of Glenelg in the Lochalsh area of western Scotland.

It was probably around 12 metres high but much of the stone from the broch was removed in 1722 to help build Bernera Barracks at Glenelg.

It is thought that the floor at ground level was used to keep animals whilst living quarters for people were on the upper levels.

Nothing remains of the inner structure or the roof which were likely to have been made of wood.

Dun Troddan 3



Dun Troddan 4On the same road and within sight of Dun Troddan stands Dun Telve, another broch of similar age.

Brochs were fortified round houses usually comprised of two concentric drystone walls with a stone staircase corkscrewing its way up between the walls.

They were being built in the Iron Age around 2,300 years ago and stopped being built in the early centuries AD. Believed to have been the homes of local tribal leaders, there are more than 500 of them across Scotland, mostly in the northern and western parts and in the islands.

Dun Troddan 5

More pictures are available at Ancient Scotland.


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We drove by Lochalsh on the way to Skye but never knew of this wonderful site!

Comment by the dune mouse

Glenelg is one of my favorite spots. Don’t tell too many people though or it will get full of tourists …. 😉

Comment by Val Boyko

So beautiful.

Comment by Luanne @ TFK

[…] Source: Dun Troddan […]

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