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Silverbridge Falls
February 19, 2016, 10:13 am
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Silverbridge Falls 1Silverbridge Falls 2

A pitstop on the way from Inverness to Ullapool or the base for a longer walk along the Black Water, Silverbridge Falls can be found about 2 kilometres to the north of Garve in Ross-shire.

The double-arched stone bridge, once part of an old drove route taking cattle to the markets in the south, gives great views up the foaming river.

Silverbridge Falls 3

Silverbridge Falls 4The falls at Silverbridge are particularly noisy, the river forcing itself over large rock sills and cascading down channels under the bridge.

About a mile further south, the river is crossed by another old stone bridge built by Major Caulfield in 1752 as part of a military road to help subdue the clans in the aftermath of the Jacobite rebellion.

Silverbridge Falls 5


Dazzle ships
February 5, 2016, 3:09 pm
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Dazzle ships 1I’d never heard of dazzle ships until I came upon this one recently. I was amazed to learn that more than 2,000 ships were ‘dazzled’ during the First World War and that the process continued to be used into the Second.

‘Dazzling’ is a camouflage system that uses disorientating shapes to make it hard to estimate a ship’s range, speed and direction of travel, the aim being to confuse rather than conceal.

Dazzle ships 2It was developed by British marine artist, Norman Wilkinson, mainly to counter the threat posed by German U-Boats, employing techniques resembling those of avant-garde British painters.

This ship, the HMS President, one of three surviving WW1 warships, was ‘dazzled’ on its launch in 1918 (known then as HMS Saxifrage).  The current design is not the original but a contemporary work by German artist, Tobias Rehberger.

Dazzle ships 3

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