Scots Roots


Old photo

I have more than 20 years’ experience in family history research and have traced my own family history back to around 1690.

I’m using this blog to gather together some articles, hints, information, photos and profiles of people in my own family tree and on Scottish history generally.

Some photos of places I have been may also creep in.




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My Mother is a Scott and spent much time exploring her roots. I don’t know how far back she went but she mentioned Stuart ?
Anyway, fun finding your blog.

Comment by jeaninjackson

Thanks for following Shaking the Tree and introducing me to your blog. 🙂

Comment by Su Leslie

Thanks for following ZimmerBitch; much appreciated.

Comment by Su Leslie

thanks for visiting my blog! Yes Genealogy is so interesting. My cousin did a fair bit on my mother’s side only to find the family wandered a bit on mom’s side ( in 1800s) over to Ireland and back again. My grandfather ended up being half Irish. I still have cousins once removed in the Perthshire area which I have visited a few times.Mom was born in Glasgow though before they emigrated to Canada. Her mom was from the Highlands.

Comment by the dune mouse

Pleased to meet you!

Comment by GP Cox

Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter. I think we have visited (and written about) some of the same places, but there are many more here that I don’t know so I look forward to finding out about them too.

Comment by Anabel Marsh

I look forward to following you! My great grandfather’s family was from Caithness, and I have a lot to learn about his background. He left Scotland as a young man in the 1880s and spent most of his life in Lebanon as a Quaker missionary, telling his family very little about the life he left behind. Slowly I’m piecing it together…

Comment by Generations of Nomads

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