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Trumpan Church, Isle of Skye
March 13, 2017, 12:16 pm
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Trumpan Church 1Trumpan Church 2Trumpan Church 3

Another church with a gruesome past, Trumpan Church sits peacefully on a hill overlooking Ardmore Bay, near Waternish Point on the Isle of Skye.

But in 1578, under cover of mist, several boatloads of MacDonalds from the Isle of Uist sailed into the bay and attacked the church, setting fire to its thatched roof and burning the Clan MacLeod worshippers alive.

Trumpan Church 4Trumpan Church 5Trumpan Church 6One young girl apparently escaped and raised the alarm leading to the massacre of the MacDonald men before they could leave the island.

The triumphant MacLeods dragged the bodies of the dead to a nearby wall and buried them by simply pushing the wall over the top of them.

The township of Trumpan never recovered and the church has remained a ruin to this day.

Trumpan Church 7



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